Welcome to Indianola First UMC

Learn more about our worship, what we believe, and how we serve our community.

What to expect at First UMC?

What Are Your Worship Times?

We worship on Sunday at 9:00a and 10:15a in the sanctuary. Our FUSE Youth Program has its own Wednesday worship times at 6:30p for Junior High Youth and at 7:30p for Senior High Youth.

How should we dress?

Come as you are! People in our church wear anything from a coat and tie to blue jeans and a t-shirt. However you dress, you are welcome!

Do You Have Accommodations for those with Disabilities?

Indianola First is wheel chair accessible for the main level of the sanctuary, all of our classrooms, and hospitality areas. The Northwest entrance and the canopy entrance to the south are fully wheel chair accessible.

There are a lot of doors. Where should I enter?

On Sunday mornings you can enter the church from the NW entrance south of the north church parking lot, from the court yard next to the sanctuary, from doors on the east side of the sanctuary and from our canopy entrance on the south.

Are Children Welcome in Worship?

Yes! Children are welcome in any service or worship. We also have opportunities for small children in both worship times and our Sunday School meets during the 9:00am worship time.

How does Holy Communion work?

We share in Holy Communion typically on the first Sunday of each month and in other times of worship as we desire. Everyone is welcome to receive communion in our church. We general share communion by intinction. This means that you come to the front of the church, receive a piece of bread and dip it in a chalice of grape juice and then partake. Children are most certainly welcome to receive communion at any age. Like baptism, we believe that Holy Communion is sacrament where we receive God’s grace.

What does your church believe?

First UMC is a United Methodist Congregation. For full information on the UMC read here – https://www.umc.org/en/who-we-are/what-we-believe

United Methodist Christians share basic beliefs with many other Christian denominations. But we also have a distinctive emphasis on the grace of God that comes through our Wesleyan Methodist Heritage. 

We believe God loves all of us and that all people can experience God through Jesus Christ. We believe in the gifts of all persons for ministry and the life of the Church.

As a Reconciling Congregation we believe in the full inclusion of LGBTQ+ persons in all area ministry and service.

How is the church lead and governed?

The United Methodist Church is a connectional Church. Each local congregation is part of an Conference led by a Bishop. Our pastors are appointed by the Bishop to their areas of ministry.

The Conference is divided into Districts led by a District Superintendent who represents the Bishop.

The local church is governed by a Church Council (Administrative Council) made up of officers and committees of the church.

What do you believe about LGBTQ+ people?

Indianola First UMC embraces Jesus’ message that God loves and accepts every person. We affirm that each person is of sacred worth and created in God’s image.

We welcome persons of all ages, races, ethnicities, cultures, sexual orientations, gender identities, family configurations, religious backgrounds, economic status, and physical and developmental gifts and abilities into full participation in the life of this faith community.

We are committed to the reconciliation of all persons as children of God and declare ourselves to be an open and affirming, Reconciling Congregation.

First United Methodist Church