2019 General Commitment

Each year we ask our members and regular attendees to commit to helping grow the ministries of Indianola First United Methodist Church.

This year, we are encouraging everyone to "Imagine If." Imagine if we could provide all our ministries with the monetary, physical, and prayerful support they need to build and grow.

Then, consider committing to providing financial support by submitting a Commitment Card either at the church, or by clicking the image to the left.

Click here to submit your commitment for 2019!

Online Giving Using ShelbyNext or PayPal

You can make contributions to the ministry of First UMC and the United Methodist Church here! 

IMPORTANT NOTE! If you are using your phone or tablet (iOS or Android)  click here, sign up (or sign in if you have an account) and then download the app on your phone or tablet rather than using the button below, as it may not work properly on your mobile device. If you have questions or need assistance, contact the church office. 

If you are using PayPal continue down to the bottom of the page for the PayPal button.

Online Giving Through PayPal

If you prefer to contribute using your PayPal account, please click on the button below.