In Between Time

January 10, 2023

Right now the church is in a time that is often referred to as “ordinary time.” It is the time when one special season (Christmas most recently) and another season (Lent) has yet to begin. During ordinary time we return to our more regular worship patterns. But, just because the time is “ordinary” does not mean it is unimportant.

It is important for worship each week to be an ordinary part of our lives. It is important to give part of Sunday each week in worship to God where we have an opportunity to worship God, study the scriptures, and grow in our faith.

It should be an ordinary thing for each of us to weekly take time to pray and ask God’s guidance and spend our ordinary days living our lives as a Christian.

We are in between holy days. But we are in the midst of the important times of doing service to God.

When you join a United Methodist Church you take membership vows. The vows to the local church are that we will support our church with our prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness. We do not just seek to do this at special times of the year. We also seek to do this each and every day, not just as a Christian duty but as a Christian joy!

Enjoy this in between time. In just a few weeks it will be the Lenten Season and we will have another opportunity for special holy days. But even the most ordinary day is a day in which we get to experience God’s love!

Pastor Tim

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