Adult Ministry

Throughout the Year First UMC offers opportunities for learning, reflection and growth for adults during the Sunday school hour at 9:45a or on Wednesday nights at 6:30p


Living Word Seekers

9:45 a.m. – Room 217

Facilitated by Eldon & Joanne Appenzeller

Come search the scriptures to understand their meaning in our lives today in this class where all ages gather to study the Bible and celebrate their faith with prayer and praise.



9:45 a.m. – Room 216

Facilitated by Megan & Joel Hoger

This small group experience will challenge, innovate, and allow for accessible discussions on the true nature of God and what that knowledge means for those who believe in Him.  Join others as you lay down roots in your spiritual walk.


Needle’s Eye

9:45 a.m. – Gable Chapel

Facilitated by Bruce Haddox

The class reads topical current books and studies and discusses in the context of living the Christian life.

Wednesday's @the Well Classes 6:30-7:30pm

Pastor Tim’s Wednesday Night Class – Spring 

Generous Orthodoxy (Jan. 17-Feb. 28)          Led by Pastor Tim Bonney    Rm 219

In this study Pastor Tim will guide us through Brian McLaren's book taking us across the landscape of faith, envisioning an orthodoxy that aims for Jesus, is driven by love, and is defined by missionial intent. A Generous Orthodoxy rediscovers the mysterious and compelling ways that Jesus can be embraced across the entire Christian horizon. Together we will walk through the many traditions of faith, bringing to the center a way of life that draws us closer to Christ and to each other. Whether you find yourself inside, outside, or somewhere on the fringe of Christianity, this study will draw you toward a way of living that looks beyond the “us/them” paradigm to the blessed and ancient paradox of “we.”

Crazy Holy Grace            Led by Bruce Haddox     Rm 217

This study will read and discuss Frederick Buechner’s book, A Crazy, Holy Grace:  The Healing Power of Pain and Memory.  In this book, Buechner writes about what it means to be a “steward of pain” and about the grace of God that might seem arbitrary yet draws us to His care.  Further he explores the magic of memory and how it can heal old wounds.


Parental Guidance Required           Led by Ellen Wadding          Rm 216

Of all the assignments God will give us during our time on earth, none may be more sacred than the task of raising our children. Parental Guidance Required  is designed to give us the tools we need to help prepare our children for the future. This six-session study  will encourage us to look at the relationships in your children’s lives and ask the important questions: Am I developing a quality relationship with my child that will go the distance? Am I striving to control the influence that friends have in my child’s life? Am I nurturing a healthy eternal perspective that will help my child to weather the storms of life?  Join us as we delve into how relationships are the key to parenting.



For more information on the education programs, contact Ellen Wadding at or 515-961-5317 Ext. 213