While each group is different and uniquely designed by the Life Group, each First UMC Life Group will have these traits in common.  Each group will:

* have between 8-12 people,

* meet together 2-4 times per month,

* be created around anything:  service groups, marriage groups, singles groups, support groups, out to eat groups, sports groups, arts/craft/music groups, study groups, you name it, and it can be a life group. incorporate three components:

Fellowship.  It is important to know each other and friendships require attention and intentionality.  Life Groups offer a place where we can let down our guard, laugh, play and have fun; a place where we can celebrate life and the lives of those in the group; a place where mutual wounds are revealed, prayed over, and the healing is blessed. Life Groups hold one another in prayer and where we hold others in prayer. This is about Life Together.

Service.  Serving others as a group is a way to emphasize the importance of mission and service. As the hands and feet of the Lord, serving alongside our groups is the perfect way to change the world … together.

Christian Growth.  Each group will grow spiritually.  As a church that aspires to be united in our prayer life, each group will incorporate a time for devotions and or study to their meeting time.  (Materials for devotions are provided by the church as requested.)


Life Groups are a place to connect through relationships with one another and Christ Jesus.  They are for shared experiences – through conversation – through support/celebration – through reading/study/discerning hard topics – through activities, fun, events, work, and service — through life & living life together!

 Consider joining (or leading) a Life Group today!

For more information on Life Groups or to sign up contact Ellen Wadding at Ellen@indfumc.org or 961-5317, ext. 213